Planning To Throw A Casino-Themed Party? Here Are The Tips On How To Do It!

Casino-Themed Party

Are you bored of playing in online casinos? A casino-style party is a unique format that will allow you to enjoy the atmosphere of a casino just as Las Vegas casinos orBizzo Casino is, and show your taste in design and preparation and get a lot of positive emotions and impressions. Such a holiday is suitable for companies, friends, and couples. Here are some tips on how to make your casino-themed party great. 


This is the first thing to think about when preparing for a casino-themed party. It is appropriate to make invitations in the form of playing cards. A card in the form of a dollar bill will look original. And you can make them in the form of tickets to Las Vegas – no less interesting idea. In the text of the invitation, you need to specify the time and place of the holiday, specify the nuances of the dress code, and ask to call back or write a reply. It is also worth considering whether you will rent a room because the cost of rent depends on the time of your casino-style party. On the invitation, specify the start and end times of the party.

Dress code

Casino-Themed Party

What to wear to such an event? The classic option is a luxurious outfit. For ladies – a floor-length dress with cleavage, sequins, lace, and high-heeled shoes. You can dilute the image with accessories – sparkling jewelry, gloves, a hat with a veil. For men, a suit, tuxedo, or just a neat vest with a shirt will do. Must-polished shoes and noticeable accessories – seals, rings, cane, and watches. Guests should be guided by the style of “Bond and Bond girl”, but at, However, at the request of the host, the outfits can be more pompous if the theme of the evening revolves around the era of the 40-the 50s.

Menu and deco

Casino-Themed Party

Canapes, assorted on skewers, tartlets – light appetizers are ideal for the format of this party. Seafood, fruits and berries, and cheeses fit the casino style. Heavy food, a hot, lavish feast is not quite off the theme. Use color combinations to accentuate the atmosphere. Green and red peppers, raspberries and blackberries, red and black currants, black and red tomatoes, cherries, and grapes. For the ladies, prepare desserts – cupcakes, a scattering of candies and dragees, biscuits, cakes. Jellies, puddings, and fruit mousses are also sure to please the bohemian crowd.

Drinks – champagne, wines, martinis, whiskey. Non-alcoholic almost anything – juices, fruit and milk cocktails, teas, coffee. Prepare beautiful glasses and shaped ice. Ice sculptures, chrome-tiered stands, and chocolate fountains will fit in.

Dishes in the style of the casino can be bought in the Department of Goods for themed parties. But if you use paper plates and cups, let the whole serving will be simple – to combine crystal, porcelain, and disposable dishes is not quite appropriate. You can decorate plates and dishes for serving with your own hands. For example, glue pictures or miniature chips-bones. Acrylic on a stencil is easy to draw card suits, 777, chips, and dice. To decorate dishes, cut out pictures for toothpicks and skewers. Cut out pictures for toothpicks and skewers to decorate the dishes. Since the shapes are very simple, even without experience it is not difficult to decorate desserts and birthday cakes with mastic, cream, icing, or sprinkles through a paper stencil. Do not overdo it: the serving should be elegant – a few details are enough to make the table harmonize with the room.

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