Surebet method of guaranteed bets

Surebet method

Another method widely used as a strategy when betting is Surebet. Although it is a method with a 100% guaranteed betting rate, Surebet is not a miraculous strategy. For it to work well, it is necessary to use it carefully and, above all, to know the exact moment in which it should be applied. We will understand a little more below.

What is Surebet?

As we said at the beginning, Surebet is a method that provides guaranteed profits to bettors. This may sound very tempting, but you have to be very careful as it is not that easy to use. Surebet basically depends on the attention and knowledge of the bettor. There are dozens of variables that must be taken into account when using this method to place bets, so it requires a lot of dedication from those who want to use it.

How to bet with the Surebet method?

Surebet method

For each bet there are always two possible events with their respective odds. Surebet is mostly used when both odds are high, and by betting on both situations, you make a profit, whatever the outcome of the dispute.

When entering the sports section, it is not always possible to identify a Surebet. With that in mind, a very simple mathematical calculation was created, but it will help when identifying a Surebet. Simply divide the number 1 by each of the odds and add the results. If the result is less than 1, then we have a Surebet.

Let’s put an example in practice: Palmeiras vs Santos will be the main match in the next round of the Brazilian Championship. Entering the Bodog site, we see that the quota for the victory of the white-green team is 1.95. So, to find out if this game is suitable for using the Surebet method, we have to use the calculation we learned: 1/1.95 = 0.5128. The result is less than 1, so it is a Surebet.

Surebet Calculator: What is it and how is it used?

Once you have found out if the sporting event you want to bet on is a Surebet, then it is time for the second step, which is the amount of money you are going to invest. For this, there is also a calculation that can be done manually or using the Surebet Calculator. The advantage of the calculator is that you can do several calculations at the same time if you want to bet on more than one event.

Still, we’ll teach you: you simply take the result of the previous count and multiply it by 100. The result is the ideal amount to bet on that event. To help, let’s use the example above: we already know that Palmeiras vs Santos is a Surebet event, because the result was 0.5128. Then

Precautions you should take with the Surebet method

Surebet method

Here are some precautions you should take before using the Surebet method.

Analyze the quotas

Before finalizing the bets, analyze all the odds according to the calculation of Surebet.

Beware of very high amounts

Be careful when betting large amounts. Don’t bet more than one at a time.

Pay attention to odds fluctuations

Odds change all the time, so keep an eye on them until the day of the event.

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