High RTP Slots

High RTP Slots

Do you like casino games? Are you a fan of online slots? In this article, we will tell you about 7 high RTP slots at Bodog so you can have a good time and invest your bankroll well.

We will do a brief analysis with a small synthesis of what each one deals with so that you can see which one is closest to your tastes and interests.

What are the high RTP slots?

We present you, below, 7 fun slots with various themes with a high return to player percentage for you to take advantage of. We will start our journey from China, we will go through the bottom of the caves where we will find the most exotic diamonds, then we will see a magic show between pumpkins and witches and, finally, we will become world soccer champions. Join us on this adventure between reels and wilds!

Nuwa: may the creator goddess bless you

This slot features the classic 5×3 format and is quite easy to understand. Its theme is inspired by Chinese mythology in which Nuwa is the goddess of humanity. It features beautiful colorful graphics and offers bonuses and free spins. Its RTP is 98%, so it is really worth playing.

8 Lucky Charms: harmonize your fortune

Find all the charm of Chinese philosophy in a single slot with 8 Lucky Charms. You will see how fire dragons, party colors and yin yang symbols surround you to have a good time while luck is with you. This slot features expanding wilds, free spins and a special bonus. Its RTP is 97.4%.

Majestic Treasures: find the winning diamond

From the hand of PG Soft, discover the mysterious palace of Khakis, where you will find precious gems everywhere. This slot follows a classic 5×3 style and features diamond figures and poker symbols.

If any of these symbols appear with a gold frame in a winning combination, it will automatically become wild. This game has a fairly high RTP: 96.68%.

Lions Fortune: May luck be with you

Lions Fortune: May luck be with you

This slot revolves around the theme of fortune and good luck. With two protective lions of fortune on the sides of the reels, there is nothing that can go wrong. It has 243 pay lines and special features such as free spins and multipliers. Its theoretical return to player percentage is 97.4% and its variance is medium.

Presto!: a magic game

For lovers of mental games, Habanero presents this magical proposal with which you will not get bored for a second. This slot has 243 ways to win amazing prizes and we love it with its various illusions, including crystal balls, magical feathers, flying cards and wizard hats that trigger extra spins. You can generate big wins, since the RTP of Presto! is 98%.

Pumpkin Patch – a cheerful dancing pumpkin slot machine

This slot machine infects us with the joy of living with characters such as birds, squirrels and Halloween pumpkins that dance and smoke pipes. The background is set in a sunny field day with lively music. It has a pretty good RTP: 96.79% and the volatility is medium, so you receive prizes that are not very high, but quite frequently.

World Cup Football: go to the world final with this slot machine

We present you the ideal game for lovers of sports and soccer. With a high RTP (97%) and medium volatility, World Cup Football will quickly make you the world champion. The game is set inside a football stadium: with the background and the sounds of the fans. Also, from time to time you will see a player come off the reels to kick balls and generate winning symbols.

As you will have seen after this summary, all the described slots have a high RTP, but they deal with different themes. This is one of the dilemmas that confuses players a bit when it comes to choosing which will be the best slot game for them. Next, we will make a contrast between rtp vs. themed so you know how to choose the next time you play a slot.

How to choose the ideal slot machine: by the RTP or the theme?

ideal slot machine

For those who like casino games, it is difficult to say for sure which one is better. The truth is that what you choose will depend on your priorities: whether you play just for fun or to make a profit, or both. Let’s explain these concepts a bit:


This refers to the theoretical return that a player receives from a machine after several games. An RTP is considered to be good from 95% and up. Keep in mind that there are no slots in the world that pay out 100% or more of the stake, since it would not be profitable for the bookmaker.

The theme

We can say that the theme is related to the essence that the game wants to represent. It is made up not only of the aesthetics of the game itself (the background, symbols and graphics), but also the name of the game and the sound effects. It has to do with what the game wants to evoke in the player. That is why we will have as many themes as types of players.

In conclusion, it is true that a high RTP is tempting if you are looking to make a quick win without putting in a lot of money on your part, but it is also true that when you play slots that entertain and amuse you, time seems to slip through your hands. At Bodog you can combine both options and play slots with high RTP on the most diverse themes.

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